The Top Three Tips To Becoming An SEO Reseller

Learning how to be an seo reseller

Are you wondering about how to be an SEO reseller? Is the idea of reselling SEO content appealing to you? If so, you’re not alone. SEO content is not only more successful than other methods of advertising; it often costs less as well. This makes it highly appealing not only to resellers, but their clients as well. But before you become an SEO reseller, you should know some tricks of the trade. Learning the SEO trade means that you are able to have control over your own business, making profits and your own hours at the same time. So, before you jump into the work force – let’s look into how to be an SEO reseller, and the best one possible.

1. Know Your Field

It may seem obvious, but many potential SEO resellers attempt to break into the trade without knowing what they’re really dealing with, and most importantly, why SEO really works. Search engine optimization content has its key right there in the name: the search engine. When searching for products or services to buy, 75% all users don’t scroll past the first page of results. They don’t want those stuffy, obvious paid ads. In fact, 70 to 80%`of of all users prefer organic results over pay per click-style ads, with 70% of the results they click on being organic. If you want to make SEO reseller profits, you need to make clear to your clients why SEO is worth investing in.

2. Help Your Client With Their Website

Part of being an SEO reseller is knowing all corners of the online advertising world. Reselling SEO won’t do you or your client any good if they don’t have the right content for their website, and if that site isn’t otherwise appealing. Your clients will appreciate you even more than they already do if you give them tips on how to spruce up their sites and make them as visually appealing as possible. You may also want to give them a little advice on what kind of content will best suit their service and their site – blog posts aren’t right for everyone, with some clients experiencing better results from articles or lists.

3. Link Your Client To Social Media

Any important part of knowing how to be an SEO reseller is being more than simply a middleman for outsourced SEO. You want to be the person that your client comes to for their marketing needs. Many clients are not quite familiar with the ins and outs of social media. Along with providing them with quality SEO content, you may want to advise your client on their best options for reaching the most potential customers. By linking them to social media, you’re guaranteeing them a better chance of success with SEO content. And in return, they’ll be more likely to return to you.

Reselling SEO is like any other trade; a happy customer equals repeat business!

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