How to Put on Brick Wallpaper Yourself – AT HOME INSPECTIONS

and move everything from and away from. In order to ensure that nothing gets blocking the wall, or to keep brick wallpaper from sticking to the wall, take the time to clean the wall. Make sure you wash all wallpapers thoroughly. The build-up of dust or dirt could cause wallpapers not to stay on the wall. Additionally, if pieces do overlap do not be afraid to cut so that they would be able to fit perfectly without difficulty. Another thing is to measure your brick wall pieces to make sure that everything runs perfectly from the beginning.

Step 2: Placing brick wallpaper on the wall is fairly simple. Begin from the top-right section of the wall. Then continue from there. It is possible to cut any notches that are too close to each other, and apply the wallpaper.

Step 3: Instead of slapping each of the wallpapers side-by-side, set aside a few wallpapers as some might need to be pieced by cutting. If you’re not sure of the pre-installed adhesives used in the wallpaper there’s always an adhesive wall to make sure that everything is adhered to.


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