What is the Difference Between Aluminum and Copper Coils? – Reference Video.net


This video explains the differences between copper and aluminum coils.

The aluminum is not affected by oxygen, or acid similar to iron, making aluminum a good material for frigors and heat exchangers. Aluminum is more resistant in the face of corrosion than steel and copper. This makes it much easier for users.

Another reason why the aluminum material is more suitable than copper for this applications is because its thickness can be reduced due to the ability to maintain the same structural integrity as thicker material.

Corrosion is the process of natural transformation of the metal and various salts. As oxygen and water enter inside tiny cracks and pits in metals such as copper, aluminum and iron or steel, they create an acidic solution.

They aren’t just better than copper coils but they also help reduce corrosion on machinery, automobiles, and buildings such as steel mills which reduces what maintenance work that needs to be carried out on the structures made of metal.

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