Different Types of HVAC Systems – The Movers in Houston

Split systems are the traditional split units, which have separate units installed inside and out. This unit comes with both cooling and heating components inside one unit. It is installed outside the home. They can be put up on either the roof or the sides of the building.

If you don’t have the structure or space to keep equipment and units packaging units are an excellent choice. Packaged units need to be able to withstand weather conditions and are available in many configurations available to accommodate different climates.

Every component of the HVAC compressor air handler, compressor, and coils are located within this device. The option is to include an electrical heating strip for it to be an all-purpose unit. There are packaged heat pump, including a packaged gas electrical system that has both heating and AC.

Buying a package or rooftop HVAC system is as simple that buying a standard split HVAC unit. Check for all the specifications if you’re changing an existing unit. If you’re converting into a rooftop HVAC system, speak with local installers to get exactly the information you need.


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