What are Dental Bridges? – The Buy Me Blog

to dentures. Dental bridges are one such option. What exactly are dental bridges? In this short video, you will be able to understand what dental bridges are, and the reasons to consider them to fake teeth.

Fake teeth and dentures do not work as dental bridges. Dental bridges are made by affixing false teeth to two teeth that are adjacent. This is where “bridging” originates as the fake tooth bridges the gap between two adjacent teeth. Depending on how many missing teeth there are and the location of them it could be an option. If there are two reasonably healthy teeth either side of the gap will work. You will have to talk with your dentist to make certain that the procedure is suitable for your needs. The bridged teeth have been bonded to stay in place using a dental cement. This means that they are non-removable. They are typically unnoticeable to the naked view. The bridge appears just as normal teeth. As per normal teeth, you’ll still have to clean and floss your teeth on a regular basis.


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