What Does a Bail Bond Agent Do? – Legal Videos

The fundamentals of being what a bail bondsman’s job is.

If you ever are arrested for a serious crime then you’ll end up in jail to await your bail hearing. After the bail hearing, you may either have to pay the bail amount with using bail bond agents or remain in jail until your trial.

Bail bond agents are usually readily available 24 hours a day and can meet you at the prison to sign the bail. They may even come to your house.

In general, bail bondsmen charge a fee that is between 10% and 15% of the total bail amount, but it will vary depending on the situation of your arrest.

Once the bail bond agent puts up the bail on your behalf, you will be released and are free until the time of your trial. The bail bond agent will take you back to the jail in case you fail to show up for the time of your trial.

Although it is unlikely that you’ll find yourself in this situation, you can now understand the work a bail bondsman will do and how to get help.


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