A Look at Divorce Throughout History – Legal Newsletter

The one thing we’d all like to avoid. There is now an option to divorce for those who wish to get rid of their marriage. How did it come about?

Even though you believe divorce dates back to the beginning of time in society, the fact is that it can be tracked back. This TED-Ed makes clear that the very first instance of divorce is evident in the laws that were which were written on stone tablets in the ancient city of Mesopotamia.

The French revolution introduced the birth of new divorce ideas in France. Men and women alike might be divorced, based on their circumstances after the revolution. The idea of divorcing first became popular by the west. One of the problems with how divorce was dealt with back in the day is that women were not allowed to divorce as often as men.

It is essential to understand the fact that different religions have diverse views on divorce throughout history. Particularly, certain religious organisations like the catholic churches have no idea about divorce, although it is recognized by the government.

The divorce process has been a feature of human culture for millennia. It is through all of these cultures that we’ve been able to get to the present day.


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