Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Injury Attorney – The Buy Me Blog

Find out what you should ask your injury attorney prior to hiring them.

First, you can ask what is your license in the state I was in when my accident and injury happened? This is important since if they’re not licensed in the state the state they are not legally or ethically serve as your attorney.

Second, you can ask will be dealing with the case manager or can I chat with you? Certain case managers possess greater experience, but they don’t know the law as well as lawyers. It’s crucial to understand who you will be dealing with.

Then, inquire when I expect phone calls to be returned? Although they may say it will take time however, you should be aware of what you should be expecting.

Discuss their personal experience with the handling of personal injury lawsuits. You want an injury attorney who is professional since lawyers improve with time as they take on more cases and gained better negotiation skills.

If you have more questions to ask an attorney for injury before making a decision to hire them, check out the video above!


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