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Student advisors are able to access details about donations from alumni in addition to on-campus events, career history and other information about their personal lives.

Unlike other higher education admissions program, SLATE offers total customization as well as a myriad of constantly evolving tech functions.

This platform allows students and prospective students to contact admissions offices as well as high schools. Students can also upload files and information for college applications.

The majority of colleges utilize SLATE as it makes the admissions and advice software the colleges utilize into one unified software.

The SLATE program digitalizes and speeds up various processes and forms thus saving schools and students lots of money and also time. Although universities and colleges have been early adopters of computers, in the earlier days, they were required to utilize multiple software for keeping track of students’ records.

Because SLATE is an all-inclusive platform and application that bundles a bunch of services – that used to be purchased separately and not even interlinked, there is no explanation for why colleges choose to use SLATE. npqawczdnq.

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