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Ger and water-resistant. Graphene, which is the same material as lead pencils, is considered to be one of the strongest and most durable materials. Engineers make use of nano-technology to suspend graphene shards in the water, which is used to mix concrete. This results in a concrete product which is 200 times stronger than steel. They are among the upcoming major trend in construction for homes.

Self-healing concrete has become a revolutionary concept. It’s the work of one of the professors of the Netherlands. Henk Jonkers developed this concrete using biologically produced limestone to fill in cracks which are common in concrete structures. To achieve this limestone is placed in concrete during construction. Microbes that are activated can immediately fill any cracks that may occur.

The builders are turning to fire-resistant building materials. Natural stone materials are rising in price, and varieties like granite, sandstone marble as well as limestone, are getting more and more sought-after. These materials do not bend, warp, dent the surface, expand, or break they are extremely resistant to harsh weather conditions. It’s one of the most popular trends in the construction industry which will last for a long time and warrants investment.

Innovative Construction Techniques

The roofing business has begun installing green roofs for customers to attain their green building targets. This is in addition to roofing that is employed to help grow plants or flora. They offer shade and lower temperatures. Because of their environmental safety and durability, solar roofs are preferred over asphalt roofing.

The flooring industry has also become becoming more conscious of the products they choose to use. An excellent example is hardwood floor installation, which now features more light and dark colors to create attractive and attractive to buyers. Al


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