How Much Money You Can Make from Hosting Minecraft Servers – Finance CN

5. Although their first spawn was obtained via Planet Minecraft, they soon began to see builders work on the latest decorations and accessories for Christmas. Donations are just one of the opportunities to earn money with Minecraft. The initial donation took place on March 15, 2015, and cost 25 dollars. The server host gave an opportunity to join at a discounted rate for the service, and they gave any amount in exchange for a rank increase.

Your website must provide amazing products. It isn’t possible to rely on or expect donations for anything, but occasionally this can occur. A further tip in the video is that servers should always be on the internet because they draw players into your site. One caution is that it might be difficult to deal effectively against wealthy players. However, in the end the server hosting company earned about $700, after tax and other expenses over a period of a two and a half years.
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