How to DIY Undercabinet Lights – Life Cover Guide

Tchen is warm and bright.

At first, adding under-cabinet lighting yourself may seem daunting However, it’s really easy! Watch this DIY video to see how to put in undercabinet lights and become a pro in no time!

The planning is the key element to any DIY task. Then, you will have to figure out the number of lighting fixtures you’d like and where they should be set up. They may be located in the middle or at the end of each section.

When you’ve got your design in place, determine the length of each aluminum channel and the LED strips should be. The aluminum channels should be connected to the cabinet’s bottoms, after connecting the LED strips with the connectors for LED strips. It is possible to drill holes in both the sides of your microwave cabinets based on the way they are arranged. Next, add the LED strips to connect the various sections.

After you’re done, connect your undercabinet lighting. Make sure everything has been correct and your lights are working correctly, turn on the lighting. Step back and take in the accomplishments. This is rewarding, isn’t it?


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