How to Handle Major Grease Trap Cleanings – Food Talk Online

The traps that they use require more work than the typical trap.

A grease trap especially designed for fried food is more challenging to get rid of. In order to clean, you may prefer using a vacuum to pump out all liquid as fast as possible. It will allow you to get more time out of the process, particularly with larger grease traps.

It is essential to remove any liquid that is in the trap as you can. The trap doesn’t need to be clean since a grease trap will be naturally quite dirty from frequent use. However, keeping it clean and avoiding building up of grease is a good way to extend your next grease trap cleaning.

This isn’t the most relaxing work, but it’s one that has to be done with speed and efficiency. Grease trap cleanings are important for restaurants because they keep your sanitation standards high, ultimately making your restaurant better organized and ready to serve its customers.


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