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flooding can bring contaminants along with the water. There are a variety of sources of these pollutants, including:
Sewage: When sewage systems exceed their capacity, untreated sewage could cause contamination to the water in wells. Waste from animals: Floodwaters may flush animal waste into well waterand contaminate it. The floodwaters could also absorb and carry toxic chemicals that are emitted from factories, farms and many other locations. Water well contaminants that are common to all water sources

E.coli is one of the main contaminants that are found that are found in water from wells. E.coli is a type of bacteria found in the environment, can be a cause of serious illnesses for people. E.coli infections can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and fever.

E.coli can cause problems in wells after rainfall that is heavy due to sewage spills. The bacteria is also present in the intestines of animals. So drinking water from wells can be affected when floodwaters wash waste from animals into it.

The lead contaminant is one of the most common. Lead may enter water sources through old fixtures or pipes. Lead can also be discovered in the soil surrounding the location of a well. If there is a flood leads can get carried into well water from the ground.

The exposure to lead could cause a range of health concerns that include learning disorders and behavior problems in youngsters. Lead exposure can cause elevated blood pressure as well as kidney damage in older adults.

What are the risk factors associated with the contamination of Well Water?

Water contamination from wells can result in a range of health issues. The following are some of the most common illnesses that are caused by contaminants in well water:

The skin is prone to infections. inflammations

Beyond these temporary health concerns, there are longer-term health risks related to water wells that have contamination. The long-term risk of well water contamination can include:

Liver disease, cancer Kidney disease

Water contamination can be an extremely serious issue


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