Tips to Have a Cleaner House – Madison County Chamber of Commerce News

nd an extract of orange oil. It should be left for a bit of time , allowing the dirt to dissolve after which you can do a thorough scrub. Then flush.

Similar procedures could be used for bathtubs for bathrooms. The procedure should be performed at least three times per week to keep out stinky scum and stubborn stains. Additionally, you should make use of air humidifiers and citrus oil extracts in bathrooms and toilets to eliminate the scents that come with these areas.

4. Try to make improvements to the basic facilities

It is important to maintain a clean house by cleaning the windows, doors and curtains. Curtains need cleaning every at least once in awhile. They will collect dirt and dust if left on all day. This can be harmful to your health. An unclean curtain could make your home look ugly.

To get that fresh attractive window appearance, invest in good quality shears to match your curtains. Shades, blinds and shutters are the most basic choices that can improve the look to your window. There is also the option of adding fogged glass in strategic windows. They add a distinctive touch to your house.

If you are cleaning your curtains, always clean the window panes and then dust the frames. Also, make sure you clean your entryways and doors. Cleaning both sides of your doors to get rid of dust or stains. Check for stains on your walls and clean the walls as well.

Wall decorations are an additional element that can help you make your house cleaner. Wall hangings can be used to frame photos of family members or paintings on canvas. This will improve the overall appearance of your house. Frames like these add an organized look for your walls. This will enhance your home’s overall appearance.

A clean home will be evident in its exterior. You must ensure your garden and lawns are kept in good condition. It’s also essential to obtain roll-off dumpsters since, without one, most individuals dispose of their waste at home.


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