How to Expand a Successful Tech Startup With a New Physical Location – Computers and Technology News Digest

Process Log

If you decide to expand your profitable tech company with a new physical location, it should function just as your previous location. In order to achieve this, you must create training guides for all processes. The manuals cover everything from how to use the point-of-sale procedure to following up with clients. For ensuring that the instructions are easily understood, let another person review them.

8. Develop a training Program

Since you’ll not be there constantly to spot or address issues the new personnel may require more training than the staff at your previous place of work. To identify potential problems quickly it is important to establish evaluation criteria. Set up regular checks-ins with the supervisor of the new facility to gauge the effectiveness of staff. This is an excellent tip for how to expand an established tech company by opening a new physical location.

9. Plan Out Your Marketing Initiatives

The store will need to be promoted for your new shop just as your original location. Prior to opening your doors, plan for memorable grand opening events. When you open your store in the vicinity, prepare for ongoing advertising throughout the course of the year. One of the advantages of opening a second store is that the customers from your original location can be a source of publicity and might be more close to your new place of business. The possibility is for you to market your services and items to companies that have not yet been established in the new area.

10. Check your new Competitors

When expanding a tech startup should take into account the market. The opening of a new location in another market could expose you to competition that you do not currently have at your primary location. Check out the business practices of your rivals.


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