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The rhead bulb can be used to create a modest chandelier that will give your bedroom elegant look. Consider investing in a unique lamp base and shade that accentuates your decor rather than a small bedside lamp. If you can’t find the ideal base, create your own by placing your preferred shells, or any other material into an unfinished glass base.
11. Upgrade Your Hardware

The upgrade of your furniture is a great answer to what you could do to revamp your bedroom without spending a fortune. A few dollars and a simple twist of a screwdriver, replace outdated knobs, pulls for drawers, and knobs for a fresh look to the look of your bedroom. Pick polished wood, hand-painted ceramic, rustic metal as well as vintage glass or sleek chrome hardware to breathe new life into furniture.

12. An Accent Rug is a great choice

Even if your bedroom is carpeted, consider investing in an accent rug that will add an element of interest. Put a rug of a lesser size on the side of your bed or even a larger one at the front of your nightstand to ensure that your sleeping position is centered on it. Your bedroom will feel much cozier, even with the tiniest 4-foot-by-6-foot or 5-foot by eight-foot rug.

13. Make sure to add twinkle lights

An array of twinkle light strings can make your bedroom appear bright every day of the year. It is also a great way to add that intimate feel. They are inexpensive and are able as art pieces or mounted over the headboard, or on the curtain rod. To add a fun element, put a lantern of a different color over your ceiling. Also, you can have netting or tulle draped off the simple frame of a canopy around the mattress.

14. Showcase a unique piece

You possibly have some unique activities, which means things or objects you’ve acquired over the course of your existence. To give your bedroom character, you can use special objects like an electric guitar as decoration for your bedroom. Another benefit of this approach is that it allows you to get rid of things from your floor, making your bedroom less cluttered as a result. This technique is ideal to redecorate your bedroom for a low price.

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