Tips for Building a Bonus Room Addition – Shop Smart Magazine

Bonus room addition Project and keep in contact with your contractor to be sure everything is on track. It’s also an excellent idea to capture photos of the building process in order to record the progress of your plans for building a bonus room addition.
Moving-in preparations

After the construction of your room’s bonus addition is completed, you’ll have make preparations for the move. It is necessary to wash and paint your walls as well as install flooring. Also, you’ll need to be sure that all the necessary plumbing and electrical works have been finished. To ensure everything runs smoothly it is essential to write an outline of all the things you need before making the move. After everything is set and you’re ready to move into your home and begin enjoying the space.

Upkeep and maintenance

Maintaining your bonus room addition is vital to ensure that it is in good shape over the course of years. It will require tasks such as getting the walls painted and cleaned, replacing worn flooring, and repairing any damages that occur. You should also keep in mind the roof, the roofing installation, and HVAC system to make sure they work correctly. The tips that you employ to construct an additional space to be in top condition and save yourself costly repairs in the future.

Maximizing Natural Light

The maximization of natural light is the key to make a space addition comfortable and welcoming. Skylights, large windows and sunrooms are a few ways to get this. Skylights can provide natural light as well as architectural interest. The large windows, on the side, will provide an amazing view as well as bring lots of sunlight. Sunroom is also a great choice if you’re looking to take in natural light and outdoor space at the same time. Natural light is a fantastic means to establish an environment which is calm.


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