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These parts already have the necessary fittings preinstalled that normally would need to be attached and installed independently.

The conductors of these cables are sealed using the use of liquid or putty. When lines have more than four conductors, liquid sealant is recommended over putty.

Take one-inch of the outer cover from the cable. Cut through the metallic center by using a saw that is at an angle of 45 degrees. Remove the outer jacket, and any armor. Make sure the cable is clean. The labels that are red on fittings indicate what sealing compounds can be used for the specific fitting. Other sealing compounds other than what is specified can be safely used.

Insert the cable into the fitting. Tighten the gland bolt. Check that the bushing has been pushed out properly and aligned with the right points. The side fittings on the connector can be unscrewed so the inner jacket may be taken off by 1 1/4 inches. Unscrew the remainder of the jacket, and then separate the conductors. Get rid of ripcords as well as fillers. Use the sealant that is appropriate complying with the instructions provided on the package. There are only four-five minutes before it sets. Connector bolt must be reassembled. b2yzwcp1mb.

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