What Are the Steps in Assessing Community Needs? – Blog Author

Community needs assessments can inform you and your board on whether your service that you plan to provide or be able to benefit the local community it’s situated in. The next step is to look at how to assess the needs of your community. The concept of community needs assessment, at the core is an approach based on research to determine which programs perform well in the community, and which ones aren’t. Community research helps to determine what services need an expansion, or what services could be enhanced before expanding. This research will help people to understand their local community and find initiatives that can make a significant impact. Assessing community needs happens in a few different instances. In the event that you want to support a specific group. A thorough assessment of the needs will aid in determining if this is necessary. This is an effective tool that can help you determine the needs of your community and the best way to fulfill them. ko8euvdr5q.

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