3 Types of Scrunchies – Ceremonia GNP


Mama Project, a popular YouTube channel, devoted to creating makes three varieties of scrunchies.

The first step is to use the standard scrunchie. Get a 55 x 10 inch strip of fabric as well as 20 cm of elastic. Sew 5 cm of fabric to on the sides and the front of the fabric. Then reverse the fabric into an oval. If your hands aren’t sufficient, employ a chopstick, or even a smaller stick to reverse the fabric. Create a circle using sewing. The elastic band must be inserted. Pull the fabric inward while inserting the band, creating the appearance of scrunched up. The holes must be sewn. Remove any threads that are loose.

These scrunchies resemble like regular scrunchies however you’ll need 30 pom-poms and an elastic band. Mama Project recommends transparent fabrics so that the pom-poms can pop out. When you make the fabric tube, you can push the pom poms within. As you use the scrunchie, they’ll begin moving around.

The 3rd type of scrunchies is those made with lace. The components for a scrunchie with lace are identical as an ordinary one, but you’ll need 60cm of cotton. You’ll need to pin the lacing to the edges of the fabric before sew. You can remove the pins while you sew.

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