Traveling While Your Child Is in High School – Travel Packing Tips

It is important that you consider the school calendar for your child during their college period. In the absence of careful planning it is possible to sabotage the progress they’ve made in their education. Learn more about how to travel safely with your high school student.

The first thing to do before planning your next excursion is check your child’s schedule at school. Perhaps you are able to organize your trip around the school’s holidays. This will be much easier for the student as well as the instructor. If you aren’t able to make it work, then you must schedule at least part of your travel during the school holiday time. Your child will be able to be able to skip one or two days versus all week.

Any time your child is scheduled to leave school, make sure that it’s fully communicated to both the administrators and teachers. This can help everything run smooth. It is also possible to request prior assignments which your child can complete during travel or while on vacation. This will ensure that they don’t fall behind the other students in the class.

To learn more about travelling with your child when they are in school, have a at the video to the right. Contact your school to let them know!


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